tips for a positive frugal mindset

Tips for a frugal positive mindset

frugal mindset

Stressful circumstances can test our ability to stay motivated and retain a positive attitude as stresses occur frequently in our lives. We experience stress and anxiety throughout our lives as a result of events that are out of our control.

We deal with fear, health issues, and money issues constantly in our daily lives. We frequently give in to these stresses in our life. So I have developed some tips to provide you with an positive mindset.

1) Getting Motivated

Your first step to becoming a Frugal Warrior is to get inspired so you can start saving money. Reading my blog is the beginning of you taking action, getting inspired, and getting motivated. To get motivated, you need to do lots of research and invest time. Developing a positive mindset takes time. Like reading books, blogs and articles, and completing a cash-saving challenge. Try it if you can, as you want to develop that positive mindset and to get regularly saving and into healthy saving habits.

Read blogs

Stress can present challenging situations to use in our lives, to keep us motivated and maintain a positive mindset. Our lives contain stress and anxiety from situations beyond our control.

Whenever you need to cultivate a positive mindset to save money, my blog should be at the top of your list, so welcome. Check out my other post, “Clever money tips to save money today”, on how to spend less money.

Mr Money Mustache is the captain of the cult fire movement, and his website is my second favourite to read and learn from Mr Money Mustache is all about retiring early he suggests making the most of your income while also saving as much as you can and investing the remainder.

The Penny Hoarder Blog

It’s also a good idea to follow The Penny Hoarder’s blog. The Penny Hoarder is one of the most popular personal finance and money-saving websites worldwide. This blog explains many money-making and money-saving strategies.

There are many articles to read, and the tips and resources in the blog are amazing.

Here’s the paragraph:

There are many items to read, and it’s quite convenient. It serves as a useful resource for any kind of

3) Read books

There are a tonne of books available. I’ve provided a reading list that you can start with that I highly suggest. Rich Dad Poor Dad must be read first on the list since it will put you in the appropriate mentality to cultivate a positive outlook.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

Barefoot Investor by Scott Page

Making Money Made Simple by Noel Whittaker

4) Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Highly recommended is watching and subscribing to lots of YouTube videos. Here are some of the good ones:

Prepper Princess

Female prepper Prepper Princess is a well-known YouTube celebrity. Extreme frugality and making the most of what is available are key components of being a prepper. She is a specialist in educating people about debt, saving money, and living on almost little. She is also the author of almost nothing.

How to live off a dime

Mike, Tawra, and Jill are the members of the living on a dime team’s family. They provide financial management advice. The topic of inflation and good money management and stockpiling is frequently discussed in the family. Tawra learned to be extremely economical as a result of having to survive on barely $500 per month while growing up in great poverty.

Living on a dime has so much information and tips to share with their audience and provide their YouTube viewers, and they also have an endless supply of YouTube videos, to offer about saving cash while stockpiling your pantry.

Homestead Tessie

Tessie is from Amish county. She provides old-fashioned advice to live simpler and off the land. Tessie shows her views on canning techniques, how to make your soap, and cooking for less.

Extreme Cheapskates is also a fun series to watch and I believe that there are some of these videos uploaded onto YouTube, so check out any of these if you can.

6) Join Facebook Groups

You will find there are thousands of other like-mind people that are out there you can easily connect to.

What are you going to learn from reading this blog? You are going to change your mindset and just remember you can change yourself. No one else can do that.

frugal mindset

7) Do a Cash Saving Challenge

Do you spend money more quickly than you can earn it? If so, you’re not alone; over 50% of people share your sentiments. due to inflation and rising living expenses. The budgeting challenge may be exactly what you need. I adore participating in money-saving challenges and think they’re crucial to getting you started on your frugal lifestyle.

We could all use some extra money, especially in these trying times, but by setting financial goals and completing a cash-conservation challenge, you can set yourself up for financial success.

Start with an early cash savings challenge, because this allows for passive savings, out of sight out of mind.

It all begins with putting away $1 per week and requires you to budget every week in order to succeed. In the first week, you save $1, the next you save $2, and so on until the 52nd week.

Why not try a money-saving challenge today? There are so many out there for you to try.

Links are below to get you started.

8) Focus On The Good Thing In Life

You are always going to encounter battles and struggles throughout your day, as life is not always easy. When you experience these struggles, concentrate on the blessings, no matter how small they may seem. For example, your child spills flour in the pantry cupboard. Think of this as an opportunity to do a pantry clean-out.

9) Become More Optimistic

Creating optimism is a very effective way to develop a more positive mindset. To practice optimism, think about how something might turn out for the better, then set yourself for the worst-case scenario. This will change your mindset.  

10) Set Meaningful Goals

By setting goals, you will create a more positive mindset. This is because setting goals helps us gain clarity on what matters to us and what we want to achieve. These drive us to success and keep us motivated.

Debt Trap

cash saving


It wasn’t easy. Some days, working was tiring and exhausting, and my feet were sore.

Feeling like there is no time for anyone. On some days, I felt like giving up, but then I remembered my end goal. My kids attended daycare or after-school care full-time.

Friends of mine would say why have kids? If you can’t raise your kids, you are getting other people to do it for you. Unfortunately, you don’t choose that someone has to look after your kids.

My heart broke as an older mum, and still wasn’t able to look after my kids, and I needed to work full time. This was not the life of my dreams.

People thought I was working to get away from my family, but no, I was doing it to provide for them. But it doesn’t have to be forever.

Remember to believe in making the best of what you got, and always remember to make the finest of what you have.

cash saving
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