how do i save on energy costs

How do I save on energy bills?

5 Top Tips To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Energy prices are rising as winter in Australia draws near due to inflation. I often worry about my energy expenses, therefore I’m always looking for innovative and new ways to save money. Every warrior’s castle gets cold in the winter, and does it become cold where we live? We need to make our dwellings more energy-efficient.

I wish to let you know the following. I have some fantastic news to share with you. These days, you can lower your energy expenditures by using a variety of simple cost-cutting strategies. By putting some of the below advice and tips into practice, you might be able to save money.

Using Hot Water Only When Needed

Saving Money On Energy Bills

About 25% of your household’s heating expenses are used by just using hot water. Therefore, you should limit your use of hot water where you can.

Here are some of my money-saving suggestions to help you reduce your energy costs:

  • The only thing I use is cold water and a quick cycle when I am washing my family’s clothing Make sure to use your washer’s quickest, and lowest heat setting whenever you can. My washing machine is a front-loader because it also uses less electricity and less water.
  • Dishwashers should only be used when fully loaded, never use when only half full.
  • Installing a water-saving shower head will save you money and you won’t even notice the difference. Australian citizens have access to an exchange programme.
  • Replace the old shower head with a water-saving model.
  • Set a timer for your shower; the shorter the shower, the better. My kids particularly appreciate how it turns to have a shower into a small game.
Shower head

This is a link to the water-efficient showerhead exchange scheme if you live in Victoria. Most states in Australia run this program.

Choosing Appliances With A High Star Rating To Reduce Energy Costs

Utilizing your electrical appliances can help you save money in a variety of ways because they can use up to 30% of your energy costs when they are running.

Any brand-new electrical product ought to be labelled with a High Energy Rating. If the electrical product has a higher energy rating, it will use less electricity. In time, as usage decreases,

Even while appliances with higher star ratings initially cost more, you may end up spending more for them.

Turn Your Appliances Off When Not in Use

Standby power used by your electrical appliances takes up about 10% of your electricity usage.

You could save on power bills by doing the following:

  • When you are not using an electrical appliance on the powerpoint, turn it off. Every night, I make sure I unplug any unused appliances from the wall. Especially those PlayStations, their energy zappers..
  • Clothes on the line or in an airer, rather than in a dryer. (which costs about $1.00 per load to use the airer).

Heating and Cooling

Set your heating thermostat to 18 to 20°C in winter and to 25 to 27°C in summer.

Cheap ways to keep warm

Draught-proofing is an easy way to reduce costs and put draft stoppers under doors. Make sure all doors and windows are closed at night. Pull the curtains across at night, but open them up during the day to get that natural light.

Keep warm by using water bottles at night and blankets on the lounge. Snuggle together.

Winter is a excellent time to make the most of family time.

These were my top tips to save on energy bills.

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save on energy bills

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