goal setting is important for success

Goal Setting is Important for Success

Goal Setting is Important for Success

Introduction to Goal Setting

Warriors must be focused, disciplined, and determined, and if we put our minds to it, each one of us may become a warrior.

Your mind will need to learn how to be focused and financially prepared as you build this frugal mindset.

Learning about goal-setting is essential for success, yet it is a skill that is frequently misunderstood.

Goal Setting

One must recognize the significance of goal setting if they want to participate in the Frugal Warrior Clan. Setting goals can assist you in developing a warrior mentality, which will inspire you and keep you focused and motivated.

Setting goals will be the most time-consuming and difficult portion of your journey; the largest problem will be staying motivated and following through.

To achieve your goals, you must first master the art of fighting for what you believe in. No matter how big or small your goal is. If you want to save $5,000 or any specific amount,

Steps to Goal Setting

But first, you will need to leave the judgement at the front door.

Showing you the steps others use and the resources others have used to keep themselves motivated and on track. Will teach you about goal setting.

My financial goals were simple: to pay all outstanding bills. As our bills were all in arrears.

All I wanted was to have $10,000 in savings. My family focused on this goal every day and every day we worked hard and dreamed about this goal becoming a reality. We put a picture of this goal on our fridge door. So every day we saw my goal and were constantly thinking about what we wanted to achieve.

Was it challenging to achieve this goal, yes it was? But we kept moving forward, even when we had setbacks. Such as replacing our tyres for our car. I got it after I ran into a pothole after heavy rains in Sydney, Australia. Life can be full of unexpected adversities. Sometimes we have a lot of unexpected setbacks. However, you must always be prepared to deal with them.

Goal setting is important for success

The 8 Commandments to Goal Setting

1) Set Goals That Inspire You

Make sure you set goals that motivate you. Make sure that these goals inspire you in every bone in your body. These goals will get you up in the morning and keep you motivated when times get tough. These goals will fill your every waking moment. They will train your brain to become focused.


Set goals you dream about achieving. Setting goals is imperative for success, as it requires commitment and devotion, like a warrior. With this headstrong attitude and drive, your dreams of the possible will become a reality.

Write down your goals so you can read them and review them every day. If you want, you can also put a picture of your goals on the fridge, so you see and visualise these goals every day

2) Smart Goals






3) Goals Must be Precise

The goals that you set must be crystal clear and exact. Your goals must have an action plan stating how you are intending to achieve your dreams and how you are intending to go about making them a reality.

An example-: Our family needed to pay all our debt off our credit cards, all outstanding bills were to be up to date and to have $5,000 in savings in our bank account within 6 months, and I provided an exact date on the piece of paper. We also made sure that I put this goal on my fridge door, so we could visualise our goal every day.

4) Set Measurable Goals

Your goals must be very precise with dollar amounts and dates.

Why is setting measurable goals so crucial?

Measurable goals are critical, because they let us know exactly what we are striving to achieve and when we will have accomplished it.

An example of this for me is I wanted to save $5,000. Therefore, I set up a direct debit of 10% taken off my pay each fortnight. I then transferred this amount into another savings account, which I couldn’t easily access.

5) Setting Obtainable Goals

Make sure that it’s feasible to achieve the goals you outlined. If you set a goal that isn’t reasonable, you will only disappoint yourself and you will probably not set more goals in the future. We want to grow and learn.

However, we also want goals that are challenging and aren’t too easy. Therefore, you strive to make it fun and exciting, thereby achieving more than you ever thought possible.

6) Set Relevant Goals

Goals should be pertinent to the path that you want to follow. By aligning your goals with your dreams and desires. Therefore, you will always be laser-focused. When you get desires that try to persuade you, you will remember what your goals are and this will keep you on track when making decisions. 

7) Set Time-Bound Goals

The goals that you choose must also have a specific deadline. Therefore, you can also celebrate when you achieve these goals, as these are our minor victories and they deserve to be celebrated. Plus, it’s an excuse to have a party.

8) Set Goals in Writing or Visually

Writing down a goal makes it concrete and genuine. You are forced to be honest about your objectives when you write them down. But it keeps us inspired enough to finish the tasks we’ve set in order to accomplish our objectives. You will need to strategize, consider your current situation, and come up with your next course of action as you write out your goals.

My favourite website, which I have always referred to over the years, for goal setting is-:


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