Frugal Warrior Crede

the frugal warrior crede

The Frugal Warrior Crede

  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Always stick to a budget, this will be your road map to financial freedom
  3. Don’t use credit if you don’t have the cash to purchase the item outright.  Don’t use after pay or your credit card.
  4. Always shop around for a better deal.
  5.  Buy second-hand where you can.
  6. Always have a financial goal or dream.
  7. Always have an emergency fund. 12 to 6 months.
  8. Invest from an early age
  9. Always give some to charities
  10. Have sure you have a will

Steps on How to Become An Frugal Warrior

1) Take full responsibility for your life and take charge

Are you happy with your life and finances the way they are?

I must admit I’ve been unhappy with where my life was going and blaming my unhappiness and my lack of money on everyone else.

But we always have a choice, whatever path we choose, whatever decision that we make.
You must take 100% responsibility for your life. It’s easy to blame other people, but to do things differently and to change things you are unhappy with, you must change your mindset.

2) Question yourself

What do you want?
What are your financial goals?
How do you need to change?

Ask yourself these important questions, only you can answer these. I can’t answer these, no one but you can

3) Create a list of your goals

You are the author of your life. Write your own story the way you want it to be. Change your story and your life will change accordingly. I started out small to begin with. My goal was to save $50.00 a week, for 6 months. I set up a direct debit into another bank account. That I could not touch. This money was to pay for my wedding. The goal was achievable and very specific. With these small steps, I was able to achieve my dream wedding.

4) It’s OK to say No

At every financial moment in life, there will be a “yes” or “no” decision.

You can either give power to the things that are stalling your progress or remove their influence on you.

But you need to ask yourself are you seizing every opportunity, or are you setting these opportunities to the side. As you think that they are not possible to achieve. Are you saying “no” more often than you should be saying “yes”?
To put it a bit more simply, just ask yourself, what you need to say “yes” to and what you need to say “no” to in order to make your vision reality.

5) Outline a plan of action that you need to take, and take action today not tomorrow

Nothing will change in your life unless you change it. Take every step necessary to make positive changes

But where you’re going?
Break down the tasks you need to complete in order to reach your financial goals Remember to be specific. Break everything on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis so that you have a very clear action plan leaving no room for error

I wanted to save 10% over 12 months on my groceries. So I overhauled my meal planning. So, I took the time to really think and review my current meal planning system and set up a new one. That included less meat and more grains like lentils and chickpeas meals. This made a HUGE difference.
I put everything into your calendar on my phone, so you can check my action plan every single day and ensure I was on track.

6) Share your goals with friends and family

This way people share your goals and visions, and they become real.
Changing your life is up to you, and you alone, but it’s nice to have support along the way.

7) Trust yourself

When it comes to making decisions, listen to, and more importantly, trust your inner voice. Trust yourself and your instincts.

8) Only be True to Yourself

The only way to be truly peaceful, and to attract the right people and opportunities to you, is to truly be you.

So shine your brightest self. Don’t conform or keep quiet to make others happy.

Always stay true to yourself.

frugal warrior crede
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