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I am a frugal money-savvy mum, living in Sydney, Australia.
Mum of 2 boys and loves everything about frugal living in Australia and saving money.
Join me on my journey across the seas and let’s make a difference together.  

frugal living australia
frugal living Australia


Don’t dwell on the small stuff.
My blog is all about real-life experiences about saving money and lessons on budgeting that I have learnt along the way. How to become a Frugal Warrior is a blog that is from the heart.

Real Engagement

Real Engagement

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Unique Stories

Unique Stories

I always write about what’s on my mind. Living a frugal lifestyle is something I like to teach my readers. I try to cover relevant topics that cover everyday life and experiences.

frugal savvy mum

Frugal Money Savvy Mum

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frugal living australia



frugal living australia


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frugal living australia


Hello, I am the Frugal Money Savvy Mum, and I am the blogger behind “How to become a Frugal Money Savvy Warrior”

We are a family of four that live in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Welcome Warriors

frugal living australia

I am so excited that you have discovered my blog.  

I wanted to share my journey of how I became a frugal warrior

Are you ready to be a knight?

Are you ready to embrace fear?

You are planning to research and educate yourself like crazy?

You are intending to make people angry and drive them insane along the way?

And finally, you will never give up?

You are planning to become a money warrior, not a money warrior?

You are going to look debt in the eye, and kick its butt

The Beginning

Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve dropped by to learn more about living a Frugal lifestyle.

My name is Jenni and I’ve been writing about frugal living on this blog since 2022.

What Does Being An Frugal Warrior Mean?

Becoming the Leader of Your Destiny, becoming your Frugal Savvy Warrior

What does it mean to become your Frugal Money Savvy Warrior? To me, it means living the life you truly want. Doing what you want, when you desire, the way you want with financial freedom of not having to worry about money.

That might sound like a dream to most. But it is possible.

As a society, they bombard us with messages about spending.

Whether it’s ads for the latest must-have gadget or articles about the “joy of retail therapy.” We’re constantly being told that we needed to spend, spend, spend  

However, there is another way. Being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap. It simply means being mindful about how we use our resources. By being frugal warriors, we can save money, reduce waste, and live a more sustainable life.

So many ways you can be a frugal warrior. One of the easiest ways is to be more mindful of our spending. Before we make a purchase, we should ask ourselves whether we need it. Can we borrow it instead of buying it?

Being Frugal

Being frugal is a special way to live life within your means. Always questioning ourselves. The term frugality refers to being sparing with our resources and money. Avoiding waste and being excessive.

Do you want to learn how to save money today?

Want to know more about me

The Beginning

I am Frugal Money Savvy Mum and I am the blogger behind “How to become a Frugal Money Savvy Warrior”

I am a Frugal Aussie Mum and this is my journey, which I want to share with you.

We are a family of four that live in the Western suburbs of Sydney in Australia.

In 2011, after I had my second youngest son. Our mortgage interest rates were at 8 per cent.  I was a casual worker in retail, and getting irregular shifts.

Frugal Money Savvy Mum

 Our home loans were interest-only, and our family had no savings and zero money. We couldn’t afford to make minimum payments on our credit cards and had no money to pay bills each month. It scared me we were about to lose the house. As we were getting further behind in terms of finances. Our mortgage was locked up with every dollar we had. We were leasing a car, as we couldn’t even afford to borrow more money to buy a second-hand car. We were in a vicious debt cycle.  

One day, I spoke to a financial advisor and handled my finances. The financial advisor informed me I needed to sell everything. Cars and houses would not be able to get in front. I told him I would lose money on the house and the car. But he said that we would not get ahead the way we were living. He told me I needed to rent instead. I said the rent would be higher than interest-only mortgage repayments. He then replied that he would sell everything and live in a caravan. 

I remember the financial advisor saying that no bank would ever take us on to refinance any of your loans.

These words have haunted me forever. It has made me look at the world differently. That world taught me to live within  my means.


Frugal Aussie Mum

The Journey

The next few years were tough. I am returning to full-time employment. I had my kids in after-school care and daycare full time. Every night, they were the last ones to be picked up. People told me why to have kids if you are planning to get someone else to mind them. Surely having a house isn’t more significant than your kids. It broke my heart to see them have to spend time on vacation or after-school care when their friends were at home with their families. But I struggled through. I was working in a full-time job that I hated. But I did it for us. To get out of debt and have food and a roof over our heads, I learnt how to budget.

And here I am today, 7 years later. I am now working part time in a job that I love, and my house is completely paid off. I am certain that we will never revert back to living like we were before and spending beyond our means.

I have felt that pain of nearly losing everything, and I never want to feel like that again, and I know that I never will.

Frugal Aussie Mum

The Road

We want to simplify our lives and save some money. Do you remember what I needed to do? Where we do not have money to put petrol in our car, or to give our kids change for a lunch order, or to buy groceries at the end of each week. I understand being in that situation, and it can be challenging.

But frugal living doesn’t need to be a life of eating cans of tinned spaghetti and living in shame. Good news! You can have fun along the way when you experience this frugal lifestyle. You can have a life of exploring unknown places and trying out different recipes. It can be a life filled with creativity.

It took me a while to realise that you don’t have to ruin your lifestyle when becoming more frugal. It is actually imperative to be careful about where you spend your money and not jeopardize your values in order to introduce a frugal lifestyle.

Why a Frugal Lifestyle

With inflation spiralling out of control. The hottest word on everyone’s lips is cost-effective. We all need to cut down on our grocery spending and everyday living costs like electricity are getting more expensive. To the average person, maintaining a frugal lifestyle may seem like a sacrifice in quality of life. But living a frugal lifestyle might sound like a tough choice to make. This is because there is continual temptation to keep spending and we live in a world that is based on consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses. Sometimes it’s difficult to go against the norm, but your pockets will become fuller, and you will experience joy in seeing your investments develop.  

Why do I still continue to be Frugal?

Even after getting myself out of debt. I was determined that I was determined to change my mindset. I became a Frugal Warrior and I discovered anyone can live this lifestyle, no matter their situation.

Here are some of the key reasons I’ve started my journey with frugal living:

  • I have less financial stress
  • I have an emergency buffer now
  • I am now in control of my money, instead of money controlling me
  • I have a deeper appreciation for the pleasant things in my life.
  • I look after the things I have. I repair items where I can.

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