frugal grocery hacks

Frugal grocery hacks to save you money

frugal grocery hacks

With the cost of tomatoes and cucumbers in Australia being $10.00 per kilogram and a box of rice bubbles being $10 a packet doing the weekly grocery shop is putting financial strain and pressure on lots of families. But there are still ways that you can still save money on groceries–and I designed the following frugal grocery hacks to save you money at the checkout.

1. Shop in the afternoon

This is my favourite frugal grocery hack.

There is nothing more depressing than spending hours in a huge grocery shop only to find items at massively reduced prices shortly after.

In addition, special offers differ from store to store, however, they are usually offered around 5 pm or 6 pm. This is when customers can receive exceptional discounts on products that are due to expire. I usually like to see if I can hunt down the staff member that has the markdown gun, so I can first see what markdowns are on offer.  

During this time, half-price specials appear, like 1/2 price cooked chickens, meat and dairy.

2. Shop at Aldi

ALDI hasn’t been in Australia for as long as Woolworths or Coles, but you will find cheaper basic staples, such as flour, rice, pasta, milk and eggs.

Pick up your basic supplies at Aldi, then shop for the other brands that you love at either Coles or Woolworths. Each week, keep an eye out for the weekly specials. When they are half price, stock up on your favourite brands when you see them on sale. This will then get you through until the next time the item will be on sale.

3. Shopping Apps

You can lower your grocery bills by using apps, but they won’t eliminate the financial pressure of grocery shopping.

Here are some free apps you can download:

Smart Cart compares your entire cart between Coles and Woolies so you can a

You’ll always get the most competitive price for your weekly groceries shop. Shop as you normally would, and you’ll save about $30.00 per week if you use the smart cart.  

Just download the chrome extension to instantly compare your shopping cart.

4. Supermarket Loyalty Cards

Download the following reward loyalty cards to have your money:


Woolworths everyday rewards

5. Make sure your fridge is clean before you go shopping

If you clean out your refrigerator before you’ve brought your purchases home, you may discover some ingredients to prepare for additional dinners. Before I head out shopping, we always finish off the bacon and eggs from the weekend morning. This is so that there’s more room in the fridge, and nothing needs to be wasted.

6. Shop on a Wednesday

Tuesday frequently signals the start of the upcoming week’s sales and the end of the previous week’s sales, though this may not be the case for all grocery stores. If you shop on Wednesday, you’ll have a better chance of finding discounts on more things on your list. Check with your supermarket again to learn more about the rotation of their sales.

7. Stockpile on Staples

This is an easy, frugal grocery hack. When picking up two or three extras of a regular purchase when it’s on sale can have a substantial impact on saving money. When stockpiling, make sure you have enough space for the extra items.

Check the unit price before purchasing. Some products are cheaper in smaller containers. Avoid stocking up on products that might end up unused. 

8. Buy frozen or tinned

Most times, buying frozen or canned goods is less expensive than buying fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly if what you want is out of season.

Many studies have also revealed that the nutritional value is comparable to that of fresh meals. The flavour is also preserved because frozen and canned it is frequently processed promptly items after being collected. Particularly with canned foods, the structure can occasionally differ from fresh, making them a safer bet in dishes like curries and casseroles rather than as a side dish.

9. Start Meal Planning

Meal planning is a great frugal grocery hack that will assist you to stay within a budget. If you find it difficult to come up with menu ideas and end up making too many unexpected, expensive trips to the grocery store.

You can arrange your meals around shopping products that may be on sales, such as seasonal vegetables or particular kinds of meat, by making a menu and completing one big grocery buy for several days’ worth of meals.

Even while it may seem difficult, some apps can make meal planning less difficult. For instance, meal time enables you to design a specific weekly eating plan.

You can minimise unforeseen expenses when doing last-minute shopping during the week if you have a strategy for what you’ll be eating in advance.

  • Mealime

 As inflation continues to put pressure on all of us worldwide, implementing these frugal grocery hacks and investing time and energy will allow you to minimize your financial stress. Looking at budgeting and saving money where we can have become more relevant in recent years.  

10. Only buy fruit and vegetables that are in season

Why are your favourite fruits and vegetables much more pricey at particular seasons of the year than at other times? This is because not all produce has seasonality to it. We as the customer, pay the price for the excessive travel and shipping necessary to purchase fresh produce out of season. To save money, stick to seasonal foods like mangos and oranges in the summer and potatoes, carrots and root vegetables in the winter. Pumpkin, carrots and onions are always good value.

I find that markets and fruit shops are generally cheaper than the supermarkets to purchase your fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure to check out the Asian supermarkets for their fresh greens as well. As they can be better valued in these stores.

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