Cancelling Subscriptions

Clever moneys tips to save money today

Follow these easy and practical money tips that will help you budget and save money. 

Cancelling Subscriptions

Cancel Subscriptions

  1. You should cut the cable or Foxtel, Australia’s version of cable TV, immediately. Cut the cable or Foxtel and you can immediately start saving money. With the average bill being just under $125.00 a month. It makes sense to get rid of cable. The good news is it is pretty easy to get rid of this monthly expense.
  2. There are so many other alternatives out there, which are so much cheaper and better for your pockets, too. If you don’t have a digital tv that can stream on, you can also purchase a Chromecast as I did. We use an old version of the Chromecast, and it’s so easy to use. Just plug and play. It’s that easy.
  3. Cancel video streaming services like Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime. If you want to be extremely frugal. I do subscript to Netflix. Sometimes I alternate each month between the video streaming providers to get a mixture of content.

Instead of paying for video streaming services, you can watch YouTube videos. I love to watch documentaries on YouTube, but there are some free movies available to stream on YouTube too.

The other free streaming platforms are-:



If you are in Australia, SBS on demand has so many movies and series to choose from.

If you are into cult, movies, check out:



If you like classic movies, you must head over to:

You can also look at purchasing second-hand DVDs, or renting DVDs from the library if you don’t want to purchase any movies.

Money Tips

Look at cancelling the following subscriptions as well-::

  • Cancel audiobooks
  • Gaming and music services, such as PlayStation Plus

Choose the free version of Shopify instead-:

  • Dating Apps
  • Cancel meal subscriptions and meal kits, such as HelloFresh
  • Cancel wine delivery subscriptions
  • Cancel your gym membership

I cancelled my gym subscription when we first went into lockdown in Australia. Now I don’t need a gym, as I have all the equipment at home that I need. Exercising at home costs very little money.

I now just follow the following people on YouTube-:

Money Tips

Purchase some weights and a bench press. Search the Facebook marketplace for secondhand items. We have Kmart in Australia, which sell cheap exercise equipment.

Review your Mobile Phone Supplier

I never lock myself into a phone plan anymore. While still on my contract, I broke so many phones and my phone died so many times. I found out it was cheaper just to purchase the phone outright.

I never purchase a brand-new phone either. This saves me so much money. I look for phones on eBay as they sell refurbished phones and I have a strict budget of $150.00 and will not spend over that amount ever on a new phone.

Money Tips

Where we live in Sydney, we can only use the Telstra network.

To save money. I don’t deal with Telstra directly, but I work with a reseller of their network, as the resellers are always cheaper.

Both my husband and I use Woolworths Mobile. The reception is the same as when using the original network. Plus, we get other perks as well, for a lot less each month. Instead of $50,00 a month for a plan.

I pay $150.00 for a twelve-month plan and I get 10% off my groceries, either when I shop in-store or online

So over a year, our discount savings on groceries pays for the mobile phone plan outright.

There are other plans out there, like catch and Aldi has some reasonsable plans, to name a few.

Change Utility Companies

I change companies for our electricity and gas every three months-:

I always use the government website to double-check prices regularly. This is the site that I use, but I am sure that there is a similar website in your country that can compare energy rates. At the moment, electricity is so expensive due to high inflation. It is so imperative to double-check rates every 3-6 months.

Always Compare Insurances Companies

The website that I use is-:

but be prepared to get spam calls after you enter your details.

Money Tips

Eat at home more

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. This statement is accurate in so many ways. Food prepared and cooked at home not only tastes better, it’s fresher, but it’s also healthier.

Food cooked at home is better overall because at least you know what is in your food, and it’s always better on your wallet too.

Using these money tips, you will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars today.

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