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Just because you’re watching your grocery bill, doesn’t mean you have to resort to eating lentils for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All of my frugal recipes on my blog taste amazing, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.  They are also easy to cook and won’t break the budget.

These are the recipes which I make regularly and I hope you enjoy them too.

Famous retro recipes

retro recipes

Enthusiastic, and passionate about food, Our retro recipes honour our favourite recipes from decades gone by with nostalgic, they are retro dishes,recipes that are still useful and delicious today .As a result, I’ve developed five unique retro recipes for entrees, main…

5 ways high protein overnight oats

overnight oats

You can’t go wrong with oatmeal, and high protein overnight oats can only make breakfast better. Oatmeal is cheap, tasty, and easy to make. Additionally, it’s healthy – it’s warm comfort food in the form of a breakfast. To make it even…

5 Ways Banana Bread

5 ways banana bread

Everybody loves banana bread, what not to love? It’s cheap to make, it’s tasty. It can be eaten all year round, and it is so easy to put together. Thus, I have decided to provide you with 5 ways to…

S’mores Martini easy cocktail

s'mores easy cocktail

Martinis come first. Martinis are among my favourite simple cocktail cocktails. It’s one of those things that on the surface appear straightforward yet has a complicated flavour. Making this beverage is quite simple and won’t take much time. James Bond,…

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