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frugal savvy mum

I am frugal savvy mum, I am currently living in Sydney, Australia.  My blog is all about saving money and living a frugal lifestyle. They have many tips and tricks on how to save money and make the most of what you have.

The blog was created by myself after the birth of my second boy.  Living on one income.  I had to develop a more frugal way to live my life. As I  had young children, mortgages, bills, and other responsibilities made it hard for them to make ends meet.

So come and join me on my journey across the seas and let’s save and have doing it together.

S’mores Martini easy cocktail

s'mores easy cocktail

Martinis come first. Martinis are among my favourite simple cocktail cocktails. It’s one of those things that on the surface appear straightforward yet has a complicated flavour. Making this beverage is quite simple and won’t take much time. James Bond,…

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